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Club Notices

The Bill Major 25
This will be on Sunday 27th July and not the 20th as advertised.

The Len Cooper Memorial Circuit Race
This will be at Hog Hill on Tuesday 29th July. Start at 8pm.
This is a serious and fun event open to ALL club members only.
The distance will be one hour plus 2 laps for the top riders.

The Move to Hog Hill
This is likely to be Tuesday 11th March. Watch this space for further details.

Corrections to the Address List
Ian Bailey’s mobile phone number is as listed under Lloyd Bailey. Please delete the mobile number that is listed under Ian Bailey and replace with the number under Lloyd Bailey.

Molly Cooper phone number:-
020 8257 6641

Armin Hersch address has changed to:-
4 Cowley Road, Wanstead, E11 2HB
020 8511 8118

Candidates Are Still Required for Road Race Secretary
Please contact Don Keen or another club official if you are interested
in this club position.

Circuit Training / Stretch Classes
Circuit Training / Stretch Classes are held at the clubroom every Tuesday 8pm-9pm. Read more here.

Notes from the Committee for Members' Information

Handbook Supplement
It was agreed that the supplement was correct except for the 50 mile TT record which should be allocated to Ewan Hendon. This will be notified on the website and in the next newsletter.
Club champions should also appear in the supplement and these will be published on the web and in the next newsletter.

Waltham Forest Come and Try Week
It was agreed that the club should take part in this activity. It has been discussed in the clubroom and most members put up their hands in support. On both Tuesdays 19th and 26th February 2008 the club will be opening its doors to the public. On offer will be a skills circuit on the bowls ‘green’, a bike doctor area and the rollers will be assembled for anyone to use.
On Saturday 23 February we will have a display at the Town Centre, Selborne Walk E17. The rollers will be on offer again for anyone to use, we will have a table for leaflets etc. and we will be under one of the Council's large gazebos. This will entail at least 10 club members to be in attendance at some time during the day from 8am to 4pm. On Sunday 24th February we will be hosting various distance club runs from Walthamstow Town Hall at 9am.
All members are asked to make themselves available for some time during these events.

Hog Hill
The Committee feel it is a good idea to move to Hog Hill as soon as it is ready. Early March is the time given by the owners (Redbridge Council) The facility will only have portacabins at this time. The main building will not be ready until May. The distance to Hog Hill is a concern. The club will organise a few runs to Hog Hill to familiarize members of the various routes. The club will meet there for one year and then review the situation.
The Tuesday Tens are booked to start on the 13th May and run for 11 weeks as normal. Using the 750m mini circuit we will run a 20 lap time trial. This will be a distance of 9.375 miles. By using the clubrooms and circuit as soon as they are ready we hope to be on top of the list when other benefits may come available.

Grand Christmas Raffle 2007

This year, at the clubroom, I thought it might be nice to have a raffle. This proved to be successful in that we raised the sum of £34. The first prize, a Famous Grouse Whisky cake was won by Ian Bailey.
The second, a Dundee cake was won by Gabriel Hanley and the third prize, a luxury Christmas pudding was won by Rob Smart.
Thank you everyone for taking part.

Our last meeting before Christmas was rounded off with hot Cornish pasties and hot mince pies with cream; enough energy to keep our cyclists warm for the ride home on a very cold evening.

A thought: it will take approximately 4 hours 39 minutes to ride off Christmas dinner with trimmings, Christmas pudding, custard and brandy butter, cheese and biscuits and nibbles. To everyone, a Merry Christmas and a happy & healthy New Year!


E.C.C.A. Lunch and Prize Presentation

Sunday 20th January 2008

Patrick Beasant has been invited by the ECCA Social Secretary to this event as one of the ECCA champions of 2007. Friends of Patrick are also able to attend and this includes members of LVCC, of course.

Here are the details of the lunch:-

Venue: The Society of Old Brentwoods Sports Ground, Ashwells Road, Brentwood.

Time: 12:30 for 1:00 p.m.

Chunky Vegetable Soup
Roast Loin of Pork
Various Desserts or Cheeseboard

Vegetarian or other dietary options can be catered for.

Cost: £21, with reductions for youngsters.

ECCA address and telephone number:-

10 St Mary’s Lane
North Ockendon
RM14 3PA

01708 228677

Obituary: Eddie Munday

Please click on this RRA newsletter image to magnify it.

LVCC Logo Teal

Vote for the Sustrans Connect 2 Project


Dear All,

Some of you will already be familiar with this bid for funding,
for which everyone can register and vote. I hope you will find
time to read about it using the link below, and also to vote for
the Sustrans Connect 2 project. It could make an enormous
difference to the cycling infrastructure in the future.

You can register and vote on-line now, there will be telephone
voting over the weekend of December 7-10th.

Please also pass the message on to anyone you know who has
an interest in cycling.

Judith Griffiths

LVCC Logo White

Hog Hill Progress & Site Open Day

Posting date: 12 December 2007

The text below is adapted from a LDA meeting report by
Michael Humphreys,
Chair, Eastway Users Group, 07970 260911:-

"On 12 January 2008, The LDA and Redbridge invites all, especially youth riders, to come and see the facilities being built at Hog Hill and to take views on the off-road trails that will be marked out, but not yet constructed. Those who want a ride will have to wait till March, but
Hainault Forest Country Park adjoins the site and you can ride there so it's worth a visit to view and make your comments. Please advise if you want more details or are intending to come along."

Times of access on 12 Jan were not given in the report, so please contact Don Keen or Michael Humpheys closer to the date for this. Here follows a summary of progress from the report...

* The latest news is that the upper circuit is intended to be built shortly and should be completed by the end of February.
* In March a temporary building and the off-road trails in the upper part of the site will also open. The proper clubhouse will open in April.
* The "indy" circuit may offer up to 800m of tarmac now its layout has been revised and approved.
* A revision of the road circuit could leave more land available for off-road.
Another on-site meeting will be made to ensure the road circuit can be optimised and can leave the space required for off-road trails.

* Full completion of Hog Hill is intended for sometime in August.
* The Hog Hill Tuesday 10's will start from the second Tuesday in May.
Lee Valley Youth CC will operate there from the circuit's opening, if suitable.
Other clubs are welcome to consider operating events or sessions there.

* The LDA has been advised that cyclocross and MTB XC events can continue at Hainault Forest Country Park for the 2008 events including Beastway.
* Meetings with the LDA continue on a monthly basis.

Club Events 2008

Club Events - which qualify for the Club Handicap Championship

All 32nd Association events are 'club events', open to club members only. For convenience, these events are organised by various club members of the Association for the benefit of all member clubs. All entry forms must be sent to the Time Trial Secretary (Sean Kerrigan), 2 weeks before the event with the entry fee of £4.

23rd March................9:00 am....................25 mile TT
20th April..................9:00 am....................25 mile TT
27th July.................10:00 am....................25 mile Bill Major Memorial TT (not 32nd Assoc.)
3rd August.................7:30 am....................50 mile TT
6th September...........3:00 pm....................25 mile TT
13th September.........3:00 pm....................25 mile Len Waters teams of 5 inter-club challenge
26th October...........10:00 am.....................Len Cooper Road Race at Hog Hill
2nd November.........10:00 am....................Hill Climb (not 32nd Assoc.)

Also counting for 32nd Association events are the ECCA 100 and the ECCA Hill Climb (the ECCA Hill Climb does not count as one of our club events). Dates as in the National Handbook.

The above seven 32nd Association events are open for the 32nd Association Best All Rounder.
You must complete five out of the seven events to qualify. A points system of 120 down to 1 will decide the winner.

OPEN Club Events 2008

Open Club Events and Organiser

Event fees are £7 per person. Entry forms must be received by the organiser two weeks before the event.

Frank Truman Memorial 25 mile 2-up Team TT
March 16...................Course E1/25b..........9:00 am

Gordon Attwell Memorial 25 mile TT - Tandem, Solo & Medium Gear
April 13.....................Course E1/25b..........8:00 am

ROAD RACE - Woodham Walter (1st, 2nd, 3rd Cats)
May 11.....................................................9:00 am

The Open 10 - Handicap and Team Event
May 17......................Course E2/10............3:00 pm

Crescent Tandem & Solo 30
September 28............Course E1/30............8:00 am

Comet 25 - Handicap and Team Event
October 5..................Course E1/25b..........8:00 am

Spring in Normandy 2008

Another idea to ponder is a May-time cycle tour in Normandy and this was also discussed at the last Club meeting. We would travel by ferry to Le Havre and may involve camping at certain sites on the route, depending on interest in doing so.

This posting is sketchy for now, until this is discussed further.

Weekends at Wisbech & Beyond

Don recently visited George Moger at his new home in Wisbech, North Cambridgeshire, and George has kindly issued a standing invitation for members to stay with him and explore the area.
He can accommodate up to five or six people and North-West Norfolk is in easy reach, including The Wash, King's Lynn and Hunstanton. You might be able to pop in for tea at Her Majesty's at Sandringham, but don't clonk around in your road cleats...

Thanks very much for this, George!

Car-Assisted Club Runs

If you have ever been curious, as I have, if we'd cycle off the edge of the world once we get past Harlow or Ongar, then let's consider car-assisted rides further afield during the winter months.
This doesn't mean slip-streaming or being tied to the rear bumper, but drive-n-ride weekends to areas such as Southend and the Essex coast, Kent coast, or maybe up to Suffolk and Norfolk, weather permitting, of course. We discussed this briefly at the last Club meeting and a number of members are up for it, depending on family commitments of course.
I always wanted to go back to the Solent area where I caught the cycling bug in the mid-70's...


Bulgarian Bike Tours

At the last Club meeting, Don talked about a travel company that conducts cycle tours of Bulgaria which are arranged by a cyclist he met recently. Please contact Don for the email address of his contact. In the meantime I'll try to obtain the email address to publish in this posting.

Bike the Baltic 2008

If any members would be interested in a cycle tour of the Baltic states in 2008 for Marie Curie Cancer Care, then please check out one of the following web links:-

This looks like a very interesting ride!

Weekend Banquet at Race HQ

I will be cooking up a wholesome meal at the race HQ on Saturday 12 January.
Anyone who wishes to join me in a three course meal with some beer and wine and port and cheese and and and...
Please let me know.
I suggest a clubrun on the Saturday or Sunday with lunchstop somewhere en-route.
Saturday dinner will be served at about 7pm.

Don Keen

Circuit & Flexibility Training

Circuit training and stretching started on Tuesday 8th January.
We use the hall end of the clubroom (Pavilion) and close the room separator so those who do not wish to take part can meet in comfort.
You will need to bring a towel to keep the sweat off the floor.
There are gym mats in the hall which we make use of.

Don Keen

Ray Miller Photo