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Track Sessions at Welwyn

I have been in contact with Peter Waghorn at the Welwyn Track about our going over there for training sessions. He suggests that we come over on Thursday nights for 8 o’clock. We can then, using road bikes, take part in an hour long session where we can get used to riding on the track and in riding in a bunch. For proper track riding sessions, i.e. on track bikes, we will need to wait until the 14th of April when weekly evening training sessions start. We will, of course, need to hire bikes to take part. So, I suggest that those interested go to Welwyn for the Thursday evening sessions and then move onto the "proper" track sessions from the 14th of April. To be able to ride on track session riders need to have gone on an induction course first. We can find out more about that when we go to the Thursday evening sessions. If you are interested let me know. I am happy to drive over there and I can take at least 3 + bikes. I will also make contact with Herne Hill, though I think their open sessions are on Saturday mornings. The Track League proper starts on the 25th of April, a Friday, and runs until the 12th September. However, you will need a BC license to take part. See you on Tuesday to discuss this further. Lastly , don’t forget the Good Friday meeting at Herne Hill. Perhaps we can have a ride down to it this year?