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ECCA Summer Newsletter

The ECCA Summer Newsletter has now been published.

You can download a PDF version of it, by clicking here.


The last and final Eastway Tuesday Ten.

On behalf of the Lea Valley Cycling Club I would like to thank all riders and helpers who have supported the Tens over the many years that I have been organiser.

Next year we will be at the new circuit at Hog Hill and I hope to see all the regular faces for the start of the Hog Hill Tuesday Tens Club. 1st Tuesday in May, as always

Don Keen

1 - A. .GRIFFITHS, JM, 22.01,
2 - R. .RADZIEJ, S, 22.36,
3 - J. .COCKER, S, 22.38,
4 - J. .PERRETT, Sch M, 22.53,
5 - H. .VIVIAN, V, 23.17

To download full results, click here.