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Etape Du Tour - Lea Valley Team Takes On The World

This coming July, a determined team effort by three Lea Valley CC members, Robert Simpson, Gideon Burrows and Derek Westphel throws down the gauntlet to the cycling world, as they take on the 'Etape duTour'.

This is a road stage of the Tour de France over 184 kilometres, through the Pyrennees mountains, climbing over 10,000 feet, with time limits for completion.

The challenges are the heat, the dust, the flies, cycling groupies, autograph hunters, and not least, where to sleep, as there are some 30,000 riders and supporters descending on an area which boasts 200 hotel rooms, one pub and several dogs.

The finish is even more remote, with even fewer facilities.

Still, our guys are hard as nails, they can sleep standing up on a bike, so if they all lean on one another, 'nil problemo'.

Robert Simpson, a famous cycling name, has been really cracking in the miles with 3-5 hours each Saturday and Sunday, plus 2 hour turbo sessions twice a weak.

The other two are keeping quiet but hopefully they are sneaking in plenty of miles.

Long distance sportives or Audax rides have become popular in the club since Don Keen, Dervila O'Brien and Ian Bailey completed the Paris Brest Paris in 2003.

If you are looking for adventure, then head out on the highway with the Lea Valley CC, see you up the road. ;o)