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Welcome to, the website of the Lea Valley Cycling Club !

The aim of this site is to inform potential new members about the Club, keep members informed about what is going on, provide news and updates about what LVCC is up to, and to promote general discussion, interest and inspiration for all involved in sport cycling in east London.

It is YOUR website! You'll notice that every story posted here provides the opportunity for you to add your comments. So, if you have something to add, a comment, a question - even just an observation, please go ahead!!

If it's a question, we'll try to answer it online - so everyone else can benefit too.

If you'd like to post a news story, an update or provide a feature or some photographs, GREAT ! Please send them by email to

When submitting features and photographs, or adding comments, all we ask is you follow some basic guidelines:

  • Think, before your put finger to keyboard. It's so easy to write something in the heat of the moment, and then regret it afterwards.
  • All postings should be within the LVCC's stated spirit of openness and inclusivity, so postings deemed offensive, illegal or inappropriate will be taken down.*
  • If you consider a posting transgresses these guidelines, please email

Well... Enjoy. The more articles, photos and news your submit, the better this website will become. We look forward to hearing from you.

* In the unlikely event that a posting is made that is deemed over the top, the editor will (in the first instance) remove it from the site - that protects us all legally, and protects our sanity! The posting will then be circulated to the Captain, President and Chair of the club, for consideration. If requested by them, the editor will post it back up, or edit it appropriately. Their decision will be final.