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ECCA 50 Beasant & Trangmar Frozen Out

Keen to capitalise on his success in the Counties Festival and his improving 10 time, Patrick set his sights on his first 50 mile event, the ECCA Championship, this year, based on two laps of a circuit on the A1 at Tempsford.

Derek was also riding but no-one else felt like braving the distance.

The weather forecast was dire, with torrential rain and howling winds, but with a 6.30 start, maybe we would be lucky.

At first, it seemed OK, a light breeze and only slightly damp, but as the wind got up, the rain settled in, making the conditions truly horrible, Every finisher was shaking with cold, which makes Dereks time of 2.05.19 a tremendous effort, and Patrick's 2.13.58 very respectable, particularly in view of the number of non-starters, and numerous non-finishers.

The winners time of 1.51.31 was 6 minutes outside his best, so both riders can look forward to further improvements on a better day.