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Waltham Forest Come and Try Week

18th February – 2nd March

The Lea Valley CC will be opening their doors to members of the public to come and try cycling during this Come and Try Sports Fortnight.

On Tuesday 19th February at 7pm, we will be welcoming the public into our clubroom to come and chat to us, join in, in a skills circuit and perhaps take part in roller riding against the clock. We will also be running a Bike Doctor area.

On Saturday 23rd February from 9am at the Town Centre, Selborne Walk E17, we will have a display of roller riding. The public will be encouraged to have a go and see how they do against club members. We will be giving out leaflets advertising our club.

On Sunday 24th February starting at 9am we will be taking various distance clubruns starting from Walthamstow Town Hall. The minimum age for this activity will be 16. Riders between the age of 16 and 18 must have parental consent. Forms will be available on the Tuesday and Saturday beforehand.

On Tuesday 26th February at 7pm we will again have open doors at our club room which is The Pavilion, The SCORE centre, 100 Oliver Road, Leyton E10. We will have the rollers on display for anyone to use, the skills course and hopefully a Bike Doctor area.

The various activities will depend on a few of our members turning out and committing their time for the benefit of the club. It would be great to see some of our faster members turning up with their bikes to have a go on the rollers to post some respectable times.

If you are able to offer some help (especially on Saturday) please contact Ed Ward or Ian Bailey who will be organising the events.