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LVCC Committee 14 May 2008

14 May 2008

Present: Ian Taylor, Ian Bailey, Joe Mumford, Don Keen, Les Methven(co-opted), Paul Soor, Sue Larwood, Sean Kerrigan, Armin Hersch.

Apologies: None

Minutes of April meeting
Matters arising
Presentation/Luncheon 08/09
Tour de Waltham Forest
Hog Hill
Grant Funding
Secretaries reports

1. Minutes of April meeting were read and approved as a true record of the meeting.

2. Matters arising:
AOB: Re the Race HQ roof repair; Les Methven informed the committee that his roofer friend is not available and that he and Ian Bailey will undertake the task of the flashing around the chimney breast. The work will hopefully take place in August. George Moger wishes to be informed of the work dates.

3. Presentation/Luncheon:
The luncheon is to proceed as agreed at the April meeting. The date will be Sunday January 11th 2009, 12pm for 1pm, North Weald village hall, licensed bar and 4 course lunch followed by the presentation of club awards.

We hope to keep the price to £20 per ticket. (child reductions not discussed!!) Raffle ticket to be sold. Ian Taylor to print numbered tickets. All seats must be paid for before the event.

4. Tour de Waltham Forest:
On Sunday 22 June 2008, Waltham Forest Council will be holding the Tour de Waltham Forest as last year. They have asked us to view the proposed routes for the day, to cycle over them and to give our opinion. Ian Bailey will be heading our involvement in the event and is to organise rides over the routes within the next fortnight. Don Keen will be the contact with WF council.
We have been asked to display our rollers etc as last year and have been offered the site of our choosing (within reason). We have asked to be positioned adjacent to the High Street outside the corner entrance to British Home Stores. This is the area where the rides start from.

5. Hog Hill:
Michael Keen, DK and SK visited the site and have agreed that a limited time trial event can be organised and successfully timed. After discussion with the management company, we hope to hold the first event on Tuesday 10th June at 7pm 60 riders should be possible depending on the light.
Hard hats MUST be worn to satisfy insurance details.
The prices have been looked into properly and they do not seem unreasonable. For the short course that we will be using the cost will be £45 for 4 hours.
In the future the cost to hire the whole circuit will be £185. This is in keeping with Eastway two years ago.
Catering will be done by the company so no funds will be raised by catering.
We will post all details onto our website and advertisements.

It is not confirmed that the club will move to Hog Hill for its regular Tuesday meetings.

6. Grant Funding:
There are many forms of grant funding for sports organisations. With the expected costs of building maintenance, equipment purchase etc it is agreed that the committee try to find out more about funding. Paul Soor is to initiate this search for information. All committee members have been asked to look out for funding opportunities and to report back to the next meeting.

7. Secretaries Reports:
President (Ian Taylor); Reported that the ECCA festival was good for the club coming =5th (and beating PCA ciclos uno by 10 points on the way) Catering for Sundays session raised £200 for the club and we have offered to do Monday as well next year.
Treasurer (Joe Mumford);
Club Captain (Don Keen); The club is in good form at the moment but we must not sit on our laurels.
Membership Sec (Les Methven); Reported that membership is good. Mick Henighan has had a heart pacemaker fitted.
Secretary (Sue Larwood); Reported that she will be happy to continue as secretary regardless of her move to Bournemouth. BC membership forms have been received and Don will forward them to John S. Sue will post all documents to Don who, in turn, will forward same to relevant secretaries.

8. AOB:
The club is in need of replacing body numbers for races. We have agreed to purchase double numbers for the road race up to 70 and 2 sets of single numbers up to 120. These to be day-glo yellow with black print. Don to look for best cost.

Meeting closed 9.55pm
Next meeting at the house of Don Keen, Wednesday 11th June 2008, 8pm
(The meeting will start sharp at 8)