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Hog Hill Progress & Site Open Day

Posting date: 12 December 2007

The text below is adapted from a LDA meeting report by
Michael Humphreys,
Chair, Eastway Users Group, 07970 260911:-

"On 12 January 2008, The LDA and Redbridge invites all, especially youth riders, to come and see the facilities being built at Hog Hill and to take views on the off-road trails that will be marked out, but not yet constructed. Those who want a ride will have to wait till March, but
Hainault Forest Country Park adjoins the site and you can ride there so it's worth a visit to view and make your comments. Please advise if you want more details or are intending to come along."

Times of access on 12 Jan were not given in the report, so please contact Don Keen or Michael Humpheys closer to the date for this. Here follows a summary of progress from the report...

* The latest news is that the upper circuit is intended to be built shortly and should be completed by the end of February.
* In March a temporary building and the off-road trails in the upper part of the site will also open. The proper clubhouse will open in April.
* The "indy" circuit may offer up to 800m of tarmac now its layout has been revised and approved.
* A revision of the road circuit could leave more land available for off-road.
Another on-site meeting will be made to ensure the road circuit can be optimised and can leave the space required for off-road trails.

* Full completion of Hog Hill is intended for sometime in August.
* The Hog Hill Tuesday 10's will start from the second Tuesday in May.
Lee Valley Youth CC will operate there from the circuit's opening, if suitable.
Other clubs are welcome to consider operating events or sessions there.

* The LDA has been advised that cyclocross and MTB XC events can continue at Hainault Forest Country Park for the 2008 events including Beastway.
* Meetings with the LDA continue on a monthly basis.