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Results: Club Hill Climb

Dervila O'Brien reports from a rainy, but impressive club hill climb.

A surprisingly good turn considering the weather forcast. Rain but not the gale force winds of previous years!

I decided to ride this year - having moved to Muswell Hill I thought I might stand a chance of bettering my time of 4 years ago. I missed all the excitement and action and didn't do very well.

Stop watches not really required to verify who was fastest to the top - eye witness accounts say that Scarlett whizzed past to retain his hill climb title.

Trevor was 2nd and new club member Gideon debuted with an impressive 3rd and was voted as having done the "best ride of the event" by timekeeper Michael.

Thanks to everyone who came out to ride, help and support.


6 November 2005

1 Scarlett Parker, 2-12-86
2 Trevor Whittock, 2-45-80
3 Gideon Burrows, 2-56-48
4 Ian Bailey, 3-05-82
5 Mark, 3-32-32
6 Armin Hersch, 3-33-64
7 Dave McCarthy, 3-38-67
8 Edward Ward, 3-41-08
9 Les Methven, 3-54-54
10 Patrick Beasant, (J) 4-02-26
11 John Summerhayes, 4-12-26
12 Dervila O’Brien, (L) 4-22-32

Time-keepers – Michael Keen, Sean Kerrigan
Pusher off – Don Keen