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Results: ECCA Hill Climb & ECCA 3-up

The weekend of 22nd & 23rd of October was remarkable for the splendid weather, but also for the numbers of Lea Valley-ites taking part in events.

Report by Sean Kerrigan.

Scarlett Parker (pictured) started proceedings on Saturday afternoon by his ride in the two stage ECCA champsionship Hill Climb. Just three seconds down after the first 'run' up the hill at Little Baddow, Scarlett pullled back one second on James Ward (Cambridge CC) in the second leg to consolidate his sliver medal. Third man was the Eastway manager, James Cocker, another nine or 10 seconds adrift.

Back at the HQ afterwards Leslie Everest read out some tributes to Zak Carr, the 2003 & 2004 winner of the hill climb, and in the quiet moments afterwards everybody recalled their own memories and stories of Zak.

On Sunday Scarlett was being picked up by John Summerhayes for more hill climb masochism while eight other Lea Valley riders were getting ready to take part in the ECCA 3-up time trial at Bicknacre.

The 3-up

We had three teams taking part in the event, but with Tim Liu missing one team did an unofficial 2-up. Shortly after our first team started, another LVCC team became a two. Patrick Beasant, still recovering from illness, couldn't stay with his partners and opted to let them ride at their own pace or ..... at least Ian Bailey's pace. Third man Gideon Burrows did extremely well to stay with Ian, and even helped with the occasional turn at the front. The guys managed a creditable 1hr 10 and both enjoyed the sporting course.

The 'old boys' trio of Dave McCarthy, Les Methven & Sean Kerrigan did a good warm-up with Dave organising the team in the best method of changing lead rider - it felt slick and efficient but of course 'all went to pot' when we started the event proper. Nevertheless we were the only LVCC team of three to finish intact and returned a 1hr 16.

Our last team to start, the fast pairing now of Derek Trangmar and Robert Simpson did a superb 1gr 01 which would have been good enough for third place and medals but unfortunately not permitted in a 3-up, where you need 3 starters and 3 finishers.

Day two of the Hill Climb

Scarlett's trip to the North Downs was not as successful as Saturday's outing but was useful training for the National. In the morning's Catford event Scarlett managed a mid field placing but then cramped badly in the Bec CC event in the afternoon. Hopefully Scarlett has had enough rest to recover and do himself justice on the Rake ... by the time you read this we should know.