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Results: Bill Major 25

The Bill Major 25 mile time trial, Sunday 24th July 2005

Traditionally run before the 'club reunion' this year saw kind weather for the race only to be followed by rain which made the reunion a very damp garden party indeed.

Riding his first '25' Patrick Beasant turned in a respectable 1h 21m 43s and at the same time picked up 1st handicap with 47m 43s

Sue Larwood, also riding her first '25' got round in 1h 45m 58s. A slow time we agree, but all credit to Sue, she was riding a heavy mountain bike with a very sit up and beg position.

Overall Results:

1st Robert Simpson 1-00-43 6th Hcp 1-00-13
2nd Derek Trangmar 1-01-42 8th Hcp 1-01-42
=3rd Mark Hardie 1-02-44 7th Hcp 1-00-44
=3rd Tim Liu 1-02-44 4th Hcp 59-44
4th Ian Bailey 1-07-04 2nd Hcp 53-04
5th Armin Hersch 1-10-24 3rd Hcp 59-24
6th Dave McCarthy 1-15.07 5th Hcp 1-00-07
7th Les Methven 1-19-48
8th Patrick Beasant (Jnr) 1-21-43 1st Hcp 47-43
9th Sue Larwood 1-45-58