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Just looking ahead, I am drawing your attention to this event organised by Transport for London and the London Cycling Campaign. It is part of the initiative to get backsides on saddles. Last year, the London freewheel event would have been an EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY to have been done as a club run, but due to it clashing with another event, a club race, the opportunity to develop the Club's social riding was lost. THERE ARE NO SCHEDULED EVENTS THAT CLASH THIS YEAR and my own participation has been booked since March, and I am now going to say that it is an excellent event (well, last year's was) and why don't we try and organise a club run to take part in it to publicise the Club AND help develop the social side of the club as well?

Would it be worth linking up to the Waltham Forest Branch of the London Cycling Campaign who may be leading a ride into the Victoria Park hub? The organisers are also looking for volunteers to act as marshals on the day. Please click here for the London Freewheel website!

Keith Barber