The East London club for all kinds of sports cycling

Results: Comet 25 2007

Sunday 30th September 2007, 8.30am COURSE E1/25b

A SPOCO SE Group 2 event


1st Paul Smith API Metrow
The Fuller Trophy, to be held for one year, + £30

2nd Dean Lubin PCA Ciclos Uno £25
=3rd Ewan Hendon PCA Ciclos Uno £2
=3rd James Whatling PCA Ciclos Uno £20
5th Hugh Vivian Finsbury Park C.C. £10
6th Gary Poole API-Metrow £5

1st Team of Three PCA Ciclos Uno
Dean Lubin, Ewan Hendon, James Whatling
The Auburn Cup to be held for one year + Lea Valley C.C. medal

1st Lady Sue Clarke Team Cambridge £15

1st H.cap Stelios Marcou East London Tri £20
2nd H.cap Panos Kakoullis East London Tri £15
3rd H.cap Armin Hersch Lea Valley C.C. £10
4th H.cap Paul Gane Lea Valley C.C. £5